Photo Viewer for Facebook


Manage your photos and galleries on Facebook


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Photo Viewer for Facebook is a useful app that, once synchronized with your personal Facebook account, lets you easily and thoroughly manage your photo albums.

One of the best features Facebook offers is the ability to share any photo with your friends. You can create albums or upload them individually, but those of us who enjoy sharing every photo we like will eventually reach a point, sooner or later, where our collection is so enormous that it becomes practically impossible to find a specific photo we're looking for. Photo Viewer for Facebook makes this easier by providing you with a complete photo collection manager that lets you search for photos by comments, likes, tagged friends ... even by likes and comments from specific friends!

Don't let a single picture get lost in the vastness of the social network with Photo Viewer for Facebook, one of the most powerful Facebook managers and search tools that you can find. To top it off, you can also upload pictures using this app.
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